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Radiowave Surgery ?  How does it work?


Glad you asked.   Here at Chugach Veterinary Practice we use radiowave technology in our surgical procedures. Instead of using a scalpel blade we have the ability to use radiowaves that travel at very high frequencies . The energy flows through a radio frequency  electrode tip . The result is a precise incision with minimal cellular damage.  Vessels and nerves are sealed reducing post op swelling and pain.


Is Radiowave Safe for My Pet's Care?


Yes, radiowave technology is very safe.  There is no contact necessary between the patient and the neutral plate. Therefore, this eliminates the possibility of any burns or shocks. 


What are the Benefits of using Radiowave?


Decreased Post Operation Pain

Radiowave technique seals nerve endings as it makes the incision


Decreased Post Surgery Swelling

High frequency with low temperature results in less tissue damage 


Less Blood Loss

Blood vessels are closed off as the radiowaves make the incision


Reduced Risk for Infection
Radiowaves destroy bacteria.


Faster Recovery

Because tissue damage has been kept at a minimum, the healing process is much quicker


Safer Than Laser & Electrocautery

Radiowave technology has minimal safety precautions


No Burns To the Tissue

Unlike laser or high temperature electrosurgery , radiowave  technique does not burn the tissue.