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Your Pet's Dental Health


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Your pet's dental care is a vital part of their over all health. There have been clear indications that animal oral health has a major effect on general health.  Gum disease can cause bacteria and other toxins to enter the bloodstream with potential damaging effects on internal organs. Regular dental check ups are strongly recommended.  Starting dental care at an early age at home is the overall best solution for long term good oral health. Our veterinarian may also suggest brushing as well as diet changes in your pet's routine in order to improve their oral health. Depending on the health of your pet, it may also be suggested to have a dental exam more frequently than once a year. The exams vary from pet to pet depending on the effectiveness of each pets home care plan. The dental exam will be incorporated with a physical exam on your pet to determine if any further general physical evaluation needs to be addressed through laboratory testing to rule out any systemic disease concerns.


A routine dental for your pet generally includes ultrasonic scaling, subgingival scaling by hand, polishing, and flouride treatment while under a general anesthetic.  The most current and safest veterinary anesthetic will be used to anesthetize your pet during the procedure, posing minimal risk.  Sometimes when performing a dental other concerns arise such as, dental fractures, tooth decay or caries (known as resorptive lesions), deep gum pockets,  or gingival hyperplasia. If your pet has a tooth where root exposure is evident it can be very painful for them and will require immediate attention during the procedure.  Extractions are sometimes necessary to alleviate pain.  Rest assured that your pet will be given the appropriate pain medication needed to keep them comfortable along with antibiotics for infection.  Your pet will be monitored closely by the veterinarian and our trained staff both during and after any procedure.